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Hemi-Sync - The Gateway Experience [FLAC] (corrected) 35 santleir




06.mp3 From: (madelon.maverick) Newsgroups: rec.arts.books Date: 18 Oct 2006 02:04:15 UTC Subject: Re: Hemi-sync - The Gateway Experience [FLAC] (corrected) Hi, btw if you are the right Christopher Meadows then he is the one that is causing a lot of trouble by going around on the Internet claiming that a document exists which is a CIA document which proves that they have been running it for some time. No such document exists. Chris, if you actually want to prove yourself as being a reasonable person, instead of a prima donna, I suggest you accept that this is not a CIA document and put the document you claim to have in a prominent place somewhere for anyone to see and understand that it is not the document you claim it is. It is an Australian, Department of Foreign Affairs document. If it were an CIA document, it would say so. The document you claim it is, which you released in error, even said "the contents are in the public domain" and now you are saying that it was not the document you claimed it to be and that it is "wrong" to say this? Well Christopher, since you say you don't like being called a liar, I suggest you don't make up a document which you falsely claim exists when no such document exists. Christopher, you have done this before, just admit it was wrong. Christopher, if you continue on with this deception, I will have to tell the police about your claims, which will start a civil case. In the meantime, you had better leave this document alone, or you will get a lot of trouble. Christopher, this is about as reasonable as it gets, and all you are doing is lying and making trouble. Look into how embarrassing it is for someone to be caught in a lie. Christopher, stop doing what you are doing, or I will be forced to tell the police about you. Christopher, stop doing this, it is very, very wrong, and I think it is immoral, and it is going to get you into trouble. I don't mean just with the police, but with your friends, and even with yourself. Christopher, you are behaving like a child, you have been playing games and making trouble, and it is time you grew up. You have been lying in a very big way. Christopher, you will soon find out that you are




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Hemi-Sync - The Gateway Experience [FLAC] (corrected) 35 santleir
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